Union Africaine-Cabinet Internationale-Presidence 1er Juge Pantheon Mpaka-Nsuku(*H. 32 Malcolm Guthrie)-Missions Catholiques Des Peres Noirs & Blancs

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These cultures were silenced by all colonial powers to cover up slaveries and its impacts on the Black populations and Indians counterparts on the other rodge of the Atlantic.All religions participated to that execise including black and Indian wizards and witches- to exterminate non wizards as a whole entity.The Mpaka Kifinda Mpaka pointed traditionally as pagans(non wizards sets of clans) were exterminated to give their members are forcefully sex partners of christian and Moslim of Wizards and witches groups. Most of the Mpaka Kifindi’a Mpaka ended up in Portugal(Mpuku Nsuku became Joa da Silva, died in Portugal and miracle maker, this account for origins of Fatima miracle, as inherent part of black divinities that are silelenced like in Basque of Ingatius of lLoyaola Land who has to shelter in Paris Sevres Babylon Metro Station),Italy,Span,Sweden and many more.Their natural settlements are now occupied by force by Lunda of Katanga families who helped established colonisation into the Kongo Ngola regions.And these latter like many others from Tanzania(the case of Emmanuel Zinza

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114 St 98 Ave

Edmonton,AB T6G-ZEL

This family has stolen my children since 1974-1977 ans have kept silence with these kids as well as The Masaki and Ndonzi or Mboba family and they act in accordance with the George Washington Baptist Missionaries such as the Smiths,Stabbell,Fountains and many many others who helped Portugal,Spain and Belgium to establish colonization(s) and manhunt activities into the Kongo and in my area in order to capture ancient descendants of Royal families of Kongos.

This pattern is just the same like the ones I uncovred in Germany in 1994,where the Marlis Stollberger(AM Zesterfleth 9,21835 Jork,tel 04162/1459), and Helga Meyer(58,place Suzanne Lenglen,Saint Appoline,78370 Plaisir,France,Tel:,Cuxhaven,Germany are hiding under German Identity coming from Russia where the their Uncles the Tsars Nicolaus have been all exterminated by

The Russians revolutionaries.These families should hide in order not to be finshed and are now actionaires of Kilomoto minerals of the Kongos.These shareholders are extremely very rich to speak aboy Helga Meyer that I personally know and who shared some of her life with me after the death-assassination of Prof Meyer a Biotech researcher at some biomedical companies in Paris and Europe.

Prof Meyer family has some French roots amongst the Carolingians of Aix –La Chapelle-Aaren in Germany right on the outskirt of France with Liege.We motored out on many occasions at Aix –La-Chapelle and Cuxhaven and Jork in 1994-1995. I know more. This is not the only exterminated family that has changed names and life style.There are many more.I have seen Chris Johnson(mormons Pastor In LaSalle ward, who is Russian born in The US and I see the way he behaves, all these exterminated families who have changed identities are ready to kill all times and in every cirmcumstances. The Case of Frenchen( a group of Eugnots? French who refused to be catholic chased and exterminated and fled to Gemany and Hollandm and speaking a strange Dutch and German, this accounts for French exctermination of populations.And one of these families was the Impressive and intelligent father-in Law of Keith Plumb(London) in Bancroft,near Peter borough where I met Major Simmons? A decicated person for the cause of poors and dispersed families.Major Simmons is in charge of a salvation Army church right at the entrance of the Greyhound Terminal in Peterborough.Near Peterborough, one finds other Indians of mixed blood with Tanzanian and Ougadian who are in search of their families in India where they originated from before being chased by Idi Amin from Ouganda.But noone wants to say or know ho brought them there from India(The Royal families posted them in Africa where they have committed murders and assassinations to gain access of the place and exile the owners of the countries and villages. In Middleburg, Holland one finds The Rosevelt family nearby village and their connections to Black Race kept silent at the Roosevelt Institute In Middleburg where, I continue to seek for a University Position since 1997 until today.I dispute the rectorat as I hold information and my share of contribution to make-Not forgetting the Ghent University where I told Senator and MP Geert Versnick and Professor Geert of Humanities that I wanted to be counted amongst them. The existence of Antiques Prisons turned into Moslims mosks and christian Churches and abbey of the Royal families will inform us from the bottom of the dispersions of these families around the world. Sweden is another settlemets. But the Indian Martime companies of Middleburg and Vlissingen or that of Leipzig(descedants of general Shultz in Germany and Sweden) have no outmatched proofs of how human has killed and exterminated other human through panned assassination in order to confiscate what he owns. This is inspired by colonization and civilization.

Mobutu at the UN in 1973 and camarade captain Thomas Sankara of Burkina Fasso repeat, We can no longer accept that other human populations be free except from us Africans simply because of our Skin Color and creeds.Refer to Union with jonas Kulaya called Mbenga despite the fact that he assassinated my child in Belgium,Kulaya and his wife Marianne Mbenga could be traced at

Zabddorp 101,4335 AH Middleburg, Holland. Kulaya and Elysee Mwakobila killed my child out of ancient rivalty that asserts that new settlers from Katanga such as Yombi and mulumbu Lumbu(Manono, slave cathers) must kill any ancient Royal family that existed before colonization.And this is at the root of massive killings and elimination at the roots of battles in Africa and Europe or any where in the world.This accounts for my relation with the Kabila dictators as well as The Mobutus or Lumumbas victims- we are all linked somehow. That is why a Peaceful solution is needed. The diplomatic turmoil started with the Kongo Zaire in 1997 when Ramazani Nzanga a dignitary in post in Paris overrode a French Child near Rocquebrune Cap Saint Martin Menton ,Southern France where the moslim King from Togo, namely Mobutu has his mansion.Mobutu seeing his death approaching ordered the assassination of anybody who could dispute his powers. Kifindi Bunkheti a student in paris is top name of Mobutu’s list. According to Ferrer Joseph, and Paul Munyika(luba sent agents for execution plans) I run a risk and they could not understand how I escaped the scarted Mobutu agents in Paris in 1991-1997.

Ramazani Rayamond having failed to eliminate al these enlisted peoples ended up in ditch and overridning a child.Which gave rise to the Diplomatic Immunity Questionong on the whole planet.The case was resolved behind door by paying kilos of diamands and minerals.But the Ramazani family has continued assassinating and eliminationof entire populations by exporting them in other countries or adopting and militarizing their children while they kill their parents through extorsions and assassinations.Using Medical hids and hypnostisations and lethargie is not going to solve anything because we know that where there are serious proofs of torture evidence,serious world forecnsic mechanism should apply to solve the crisis and rehabilitate the tortured families and clans and individuals.Any institutions using all these methods to continue using administrative related to violence and torture will have to pay dearly and this accounts for what I sense witbUquam now.
It is not enough for France to have imposed visas on the Kifindi while they are residents and part of French Citizenships through their bloodline,I did not go to France to locate ancients Kongo Kings deported to Martinique.I went there to study and ended by Uncovering these prsions with ceilings and My children a re all hidden there since more than a decade now.
In Sept-august 2003, The Sunday Edition of CBC Toronto broadcasted a unique edition wars and its disfigured planet in the Bansuku Kingdom one of the very ancient Kingdoms of the world with its distressing International Redcross Edition of How The King Mini Kongo(I am the Sun of Africa,Kongo Kimbaya was buried unattended by Redcross agents followed by life of the Bakongo Suku Descents in The Southern US held by The Southern 1st Baptists Churches.King The Sun Kimbaya( was of mixed blood, Luba Suku)_colonization obliges-what can we do?

During my trip to Kananga in 1988, September, The Lubaland situated in mid Kongo, I noticed the presence of the Bansuku deported Kings who became leaders of the Luba and Mbala and Ngongo in Mini Kwiti regions near Kikwit.
This all recalled me of how we did announce the war of Rwanda to Jesuits Patout Jacques, Triaille Gerard and Bob Albertjin way before it erupted in 1988 in Kikwit.My criticism of the French Report of The President Paul Quiles report on Rwanda war could have cost me a life and exiled me to Canada in December 1997 in London Ontario under the coverup of searching a Job at The French Department(Clive Thompson and French Canadian researcher of Emile Zola and The Tutsi Juvenal Ndayiragize).We as well forsaw the effects of The other war based on the Coflict between Arabs and Jewish in 1997 to The French Parliamentarians(Depute Dominati,Paris IIIe.Arr.) papers,F.Leotard etc.Copies given to Batonnier(e) Madeleine Le Mieux of Montreal Barreau.) and courts(Batonniers de Paris,Kongo,Ngola,Portugal,Italy,Belgium,Holland and many others).These conflicts all need resolutions and on October 7, 2004 the Indians and Linguistic disputes of canada burst out on October 7,2004- to our conscience at the Trinitarian Museum in Montreal in Agrigon(whwre I met with The Indians students for the first time..We ended up as a teacher of languages in secondary level of the Kanawake Survivors school a job that we would better resume.The coming days need resolution of corporates and business disputes between the remaining world and Asia leading economic forces of the future.We told,since lastweek of November 2009 as well as Judges to find ideas already of how to avoid conflicts`: Mercier and Leduc Law firms are aware.The Human and animals zoos of Grandby and Kongo as well as those in the world need relaxations with stuck binded prisoners such as Mumia and many others(Indians,Irish,Basques as well as others)
Since time Immemorial many families and clans in African regions are at war amongst themselves and one against another because of the wrath held since slavery periods.

Each wants to eliminate,genocide the others and his descents so that this situation has caused silence genocides built one on top of the other .Such Universities as the university of Upsalla Laws,Linguistics,Anthroplogy and many other departments observe this reality.
That is why tribunals have to be careful about the accusations being levelled about any prisoner(Bemba,Mumia,etc..)I came to know The Ngbandi tribesman through the Mangu family In BandalungwaMouleart in Kinshasa during the seventies.Mangu is a woman who has extremely beatutiful girls that were married by the military Colonels of Mobutu in cite de L’OUA and Binza(Marceline and the others).Djebu Isamba Zozorie(living in Switzerland now) befriended Mavula , the son of Bakuka Albertine, Younger sister of Bujitu, my mother and second in line in the powers of the Kingdom of Ngola Kongo(Pemba).Later on we knew that The Mangu family was known by Colonel Mobutu(lived on Mgr Kimbondo in Moulaeart as a police).The Ngbandi were Soudanese and Central African(Bedel Bokassa) and Tchad(Tombalbaye).In Ngbandi tribe each woman is entitled to have as many as fourty men(Polyandric marriages) and men has one wife or at least four women depending on their social positions.Interchangeability of women is allowed between members of one clan and gang. This Mobutu has many children with the wives of his ministers and one of these children according to my source is Bemba whose real name is Mobutu but because of kidnapping and hostage taking protection, this son was given the name Mbemba jean Pierre(remains to be checked).
Nancy Onia(Kitetela, the Lumumba)Kifindi grew up as Ngbandi and Tutsi in the house of The Kintambo-collge bolingani Carmelites nuns whom are themselves near the Spanish and Italian Monarchies. Her father Onia Nzadi is a mixed blood between Italian(EDWARD Tezorini family) and the cited tribes.I met with Nancy Kifindi In Kikwit where Kikwit people did not want to have anything to do with the Ngandi as Mobutu assassinated and hanged Kudia Kubanza Jean Dedie,Matanda ,Mulele Pierre ,Lumumba and many unmentioned.The Moleka’African LUX agency Slave traders family bought the Onia ‘s family and clan and housed them at la victoire home with African Lux name.That mansion is still there.The Monies that helped buy slaves and displace them came from RCA through Clermont Ferrand Caputians and some families such as the President Giscard D’Estaing Family in the case of the Yakoma and Gbandi tribes spread in Southern Soudan,RCA,Tchad and Kongo.Those Conflicts and woumds left out by taking of peoples for France and many other nations have never been healed. There is a village near Rome,Prestina(I guess the name is) where the Lotetela chiefs opf the tribe were emprisoned at before the colonisation took over the Tippo-Tip and ngongo Lutete empires.Amongst these emprisoned chief of the tribe was the gendfather of nancy onia on Onia’s side,Edward Tezorini, who returned home to seek for his ancestors.His many children were married by many notables amongst whom are Papa Wemba the Musician who had an offspring Signorita,Kengo wa Dondo and many more.This region is known by French families of Massif central,Neuvere?Nievre? The Jesuits fathers of Blaise Pascal University and jardins le Coq will shed the light if they choose to.Romans migrants settled in Clermont Ferrand may also want to speak out as worshipers of Black divinities(Vierge Noire) enshrined from Antiquity and Middle Ages to Clermont Ferrand.The Portuguese and French Spiritans of Manono, Katanga and Nsuku (Fr Francois De Lucques’Ferreira at al) will be very useful.The fisr Moslims families from The arab world and Indian trading pedlars as well as German pathfinders from Liepzig and the sons of Shultz or the hiding emperors of Russia family members in York Germanysharerholder kilo Moto will have the floors in order to defend the people without any means of defense.The Nsuku formely called Mpaka nation of Ngola Kongo where the nsuku is from.is the only kingdom where the king does not eat people and remains servant of his people according to Kindula Ngoma procedures, he judges and rendered justice in concertation with families and clans through music.he is the main dancer and singer and passes on his traditions to younger children through songs.Nearest members of his palace are children, female and male and follows the council of elders and wisemen of the clans and judges.The wizards and witches are keepers of the shrine and they appear only in times of wars.Kongo heals prostitution and gives back entitlements to slaves(prooerty,land and culture back).For this reasons the sky family of kanawake, Black Kongo descent will be part of that Kingdom as they learn their initial culture through dance in the multi –reinstatment Indian Group of survivors as Angus Mitchell(St Marys researcher in restitution to slaves gets his Donna and many other Irish of the Patatoes Era back in his group).The Russians widowed by Prostitution and murder get their share back and their story heard as Susan Puch Unvels her accounts of catastrophy in migrants’lives.Angela of London Ontario from Upperwash Reserve outside London rewarded for her quest of identity regained as she drops on birth certificate out of the two she has(as the Cnadain Medical hall of shem shines back as the Canadian Medical Hall of fame since the former Governor of Sk heals Cancer with the same Kongo Uranium and colbalt used to bomb pearl Harbor in japon and Prof Keiko Kita hans back stolen child of the Kifindi like the marocan Hemra Naima hands back hers as well the martiniquan Renee Terriat brings back hers Ngidiaka from Aince cesaire remains as Frantz Fanon gets enshrined like the Kennedies or Lumumbas and Tom Mboya for having given themselves to free their own brothers and Humanities.We have now succeded sweeping the tears of the mourners time for myself and Mc Donald to change the culture of the wolrd diet in MC Donald that will now sell Kiwaya, Sela, Malafu that Judge Kenya Muzuru Sana will enjoy trying without even setting her feet into the Kongo wildness.What will the world gave to Mugo wa Kibiro Kihika and Christopher Okigbo or Abraham Lincoln who have not seen this day? Mokili E Changer –the world has evolved! sings Nkolo Mboka Zaiko Langa Langa, Yampanya Chantent.

CC: Migrants of London-Ontario Presented in Honnor To Williams Heidi,Ernest Fox of Barreau of London Ontario,Christine Kates,Micheline Bail

The text is read for the first Time by Huron College,TOOTH , The Students Huron College and its odd Conditions of hiring Professors at The International And Comparative Studies”Africa In Transition where led me to finding the accused Ali Mazriu(Kenya) of whom Ngungi wa thiong’o would love to hear more in the presence of Kaseraka Musema,Adeventist Pastor in Kenya.Other accused Mandela and Desmond Ntutu who may want to replace Kifindi on the list of sick starts as Ofume takes one bed with them.

CC-Mennonite coalition Kitchener

CC:Centers For Human Rights,Refugees Studies,Security and Eslaved Populations

Promotion Special agendas in Undertanding Unilaterism Vs Cultural and Mutual Pluralism as inextricable guarantee of human Security and natural rights accomplishements in order to acahive the immediate and unconditional tied up institutional reduction of pains to the needed peoples of the world.Canada wants to become a champion of a real multi culturism as it addresses assasiinations of world leaders throught its peace keepings missions(what is good and bad is as it is, views forwarded by Riopel and Occam.Good and bad depend on the axes or view that one takes in the solar or lunear systems.No researcher could stand as a threat to others in seeking own promotion in world issues for which he has no complete and unique view.
N0.IMM-5732-04-Cour Federale de L’Immigration Pour des Cas de regroupements Familiaux Complexes,Avocat Annick Legault etals(tous corrompus).

Esclavage dementele du Kongo, Maroc, Japon, France, Belgique,Canada,Irak et autres.
Conclusion :Legal Oarl laws reclaim a space for a Cultural redefinition of Crime and Pusnishment For descents Migrants of Other Races Mixed ancestry of different behaviour and axes of life.
Conclusions:Species go extinct because of Environmental activity of human”And the ICC and Special jurisdictions have more to do than being diverted by Invented trails that has to do with greed .We are not judges at those courts but we may witness the events.

And people around the world will judge to the merits of these cases. If justice there is Congo Ambassador like many others must be striped of their immunities to respond to their crime in Canada and the responsibility of the Canadians organized authorities in this violence must be established in front of the same court of independent court.This is what we wait to see.Amnesty International is as politicized as Canada equally for the Internsational Justice and all lawyers on both sides. This is an international case that must be referred to the Hague.Between seeking for a exit to start wars between nations and repair the wrong doing by the Justice of this world the gap is very far. I heard some people say that since the fall of communism and socialism the world is at pain finding the right ideology that would inspire generations.I do not know whether these observers are right or wrong.In French it would read as:Entre nuire et reparer et trouver des fenetres pour provoquer une guerre pour le petrole entre nations. On dit que depuis la tombee du Communisme et socialisme, le monde n’a jamis trouve une vraie ideologie qui puissant inspirer des generations! Je ne sais pas si ces observateurs ont-ils tord?

Prisoner of Conscience Kifindi King Mapuya In Ottawa Enes prison and Washington,NY.

Diplomatic missions University of the Kongo RDC.

A Very Little Diplomatic Footnote from A Prisoner.
Indices of Hiden Slaveries In Que,Ontario,mannitoba and Beyond up to TheUS,Mexico borders and Inside Brazil and More.Family Destructions And Yonder-Torture exists all over the so-called developped world in Hidden Technics of Tortures By Ombudsmen and Tribunals and Parliaments.
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