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Africa and the First World War:

A Bibliography

Oliver Schulten

Oliver Schulten; Wuppertal, May-July 2015


I compiled this bibliography to give a wide range of information on the topic of “Africa in the First World War”. Because of the grand quantity of material referring to this subject this list doesn't claim to be complete.

This bibliography records publications of the following emphasis:

The colonial society in Africa before, during and after the First World War
(economy, politics, society c. 1900-1930)

The war in the German Colonies (Namibia, Cameroon, Togo, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi)

The war and its consequences in the other African countries (from Algeria to Zimbabwe)

Africa in Europe (the employment of African soldiers and workers in Europe, Rhineland-Occupation)

The colonial armies (German Schutztruppen, King’s African Rifles, Force Publique,
Tirailleurs Sénégalais, Nigerian-Regiment, Gold coast-Regiment, Rhodesian Regiment etc.)

The forced recruitment of slaves by the colonial powers for military service and carriers.

Resistance and rebellion against war, forced labour and recruitment. (e.g.: Makonde; Nyabingi)

The role of religious movements and missions (e.g.: White Fathers, Senussi)

The role of women during war time (a frequently neglected topic)

The consequences of the war (famines, devastations, victims, Spanish Flu)

Further conquests of the colonial powers during the war. (e.g.: Darfur)

Africa after the Treaty of Versailles (the new partition of the continent, mandate system)

Formation of African political organisations, unionizations and nationalism.

Finally selected Works about Africa and the Second World War.


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